Wiss.Grundlagen zu Schlaf & Regeneration

SFMA 2 - Selective Functional Movement Assessment

SFMA 1 - Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Training mit System - HighIntensityTraining verstehen und Belastung steuern

Calisthenics from Zero to Hero

When is Enough Enough

Strength Trainer Level 1

Changing Movement - Why Some Correctives Work and Others Don't

Screen, Assess, Test

StickMobility Bow & Arrow Movement Tips

CAT - Certified Athletiktrainer Level 1

Functional Nutrition Coach

CAT - Certified Athletiktrainer Level 2

CMC - Certified Mobility Coach

NAT Phase 2

NM - Neuro Mobility

Biohacking Die Zukunft

FMS - Functional Movement Screen Level 2

Advanced Programming in Personal Training

RockTape FMT Taping Kombi (Basic & Performance)

Basics im Coaching und Cueing

Stick Mobility One Day

Personal Training B-Lizenz PBI

CFRT - Certified Rehab Trainer Level 1


RockTape FMT Blades Kombi (Basic & Advanced)

RockTape FMT Blades Advanced

CFSC - Certified Functional Strength Coach - Level 2

CFT - Certified Functional Trainer Level 2

Oxygen Advantage


Certified Stick Mobility

Train the untrainable

FMS - Functional Movement Screen Kombi 1&2

Live Onlineseminar Kettleback

Functional Anatomy Trainer

Precision Performance

Kinder stark werden lassen

CFT - Certified Functional Trainer Level 1

Die Grundlagen des Biohacking

NAT im Mannschaftsssport Online Kurs

CKT - Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level 1

Biohacking Next Level

NK - Neuro Krafttraining

Stretchme Level 1

Grundlagen im Functional Training

NAT Phase 1

FMS - Functional Movement Screen Level 1

Stretchme - Funktionelles Stretching mit Soforteffekt

SFMA 1&2 - Selective Functional Movement Assessment

NAT - Neuro Athletic Training

CAT - Certified Athletiktrainer Level 3

Athletiktraining verstehen

RockTape FMT Blades Basic

Speed Seminar


Rücken Fit


Athletik Fußball A-Lizenz

NAT im Mannschaftssport


FMS Level 1 online

Ernährungscoach B-Lizenz